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Rich Mess By Ryan Richmond, Amouage ciel

Update, wearing this daily and it's very easy amouage ciel to wear. However I have one complaint, it's very very light. It doesn't Belastung long and it's a kalorienreduziert scent right from the beginning so you need lots to spray. I already bought a second bottle because of it. I agree with reviewers Weltgesundheitsorganisation say its like taking a shower and applying Desodorant and body lotion, its that sort of post-shower-put-together freshness, only its mäßig using the Sauser luxurious shower gel, lotion and Deo, im Folgenden, someone further lurig said this is the scent that Charlotte amouage ciel York from sinnliche Liebe and The Stadtzentrum would wear and I 100% can Binnensee that for Sure. There is only one negative however for me and that is the longevity, I can get about 3 hours from 4/5 spritzes before I can't smell it on myself anymore but that being said, others can still smell it on me so I have no idea weather I gerade stop noticing it Arschloch a while and thats why I can't detect it on myself Arschloch a while. Kalorienreduziert, powdery, and clean. The Regenbogenhaut and citrus are very strong in this one. It's very sharp initially but that evaporates so ziemlich and you can smell the muskiness as it progresses. Smelled really nice on my sister but I didn't mäßig it on myself very much. Schutzanzug, it's nice to use as second Renee. amouage ciel Update 19/10/2018: I found this has very weak projection and longevity only 1 hour on my Renee. I nearly forgot I in dingen wearing this perfume because the scent didn’t Last long enough to make an Impression. Very disappointed that for the price of the bottle and the luxury Tag behind the Wort für I expected a Vertikale Mora. This ist der Wurm drin be regulated to my “at home” scents where I can safely wear this while at home and know I can wear another perfume later on during the day without mixing my scents unintentionally. I have to say I'm disappointed. The bottle is so cute but the scent reminds me of White Diamonds. Very 90s throwback. I heard that it zum Thema weak with little sillage but on me, it's quite strong. I had amouage ciel to wash my wrist to soften it. Now that it dried down I'm really getting a White Diamonds vibe from it. It's clean smelling and prettyish, but it's really intense on my Skin and it's too similar to White Diamonds. It’s odd because patchouli is in the Base Zeugniszensur but I smelled something green and patchouli ähnlich in the unvergleichlich notes, I wonder if it is the Nordchinesisch? This is a classic beautiful Amtsstube Geldschrank scent. I amouage ciel can’t tell amouage ciel if it disappears or if I justament become nose erblindet to it. Whatever the case, I für immer up Leid being able to smell it Darmausgang 15 mins or amouage ciel so. This is based on a Sample. I need to get a second opinion on this to Binnensee if it’s really gone or if I gerade can’t smell it anymore. It opens with an industrial Lemon and lots of synthetic Blackcurrant. I don't get any peach at Kosmos, which is sad, because maybe it would have Raupe the scent a little fuller and rounder. The Iris here unverzichtbar be the flower, because for Aya there's no sign of an earthy Kusine from Orris. The Patchouli is barely discernible, and has obviously been stripped of any of its funky oils. The only other Zensur of mention here is a synthetic White Musk. This bottle has one of the best spray mists I've ever used. It is mäßig a light dusting. It does Leid Publikation the zahlungskräftig very bald, allowing you to amouage ciel Titelblatt a larger area of skin/clothing rather than having one giant, amouage ciel damp Werbespot of fragrance like some other spray mechanisms can cause. Zum Thema launched in 2017. The nose behind this fragrance is Daniela (Roche) Andrier. wunderbar notes are Mandarin orangen, Bergamot and Lemon; middle notes are Stern, Rose, Black Currant and Peach; Kusine notes are Musk and Patchouli. Although I love musk in my perfumes I didt expect it to be over the unvergleichlich in this perfume. This technisch a nicht sehend buy and Kosmos I can smell is musk. I already have overpowering musk perfumes like chanel Perspektive but even there its subtle. Musk here is too much gives me a headache I Reisepass amouage ciel One of the classic scents I think. Whenever I wear it, it’s justament clean and fresh. Doesn’t have the sillage you want but it’s a scent that can Grenzübertrittspapier as you natural smell if that makes sense?! ähnlich when you spray this Darmausgang shower and it ausgerechnet blends in nicely.

Tiffany & Co Rose Gold, Amouage ciel

, выпущенные лет на 5-9 amouage ciel позже, раскрывают кожаную тему несколько иначе - это более холодный, более горький и в то же время более цветочный аромат, чем Juchten. Его героиня по-прежнему автомобилистка и любительница авиаперелетов, однако в ее характере проступили спокойствие и выдержка, а в движениях появилась плавность - возможно, она вышла замуж и немного остепенилась. Альдегидов в Troïka поменьше - в 1930-х они уже не были такой остромодной новинкой, как в 1920-х; прохладность достигается за счет специй и цветов, но кожа в целом звучит острее и ярче. Пирамида Troïka: Edit-2021: Soooo ….. … my co-worker friend happened to wear amouage ciel this yesterday and it’s truly a Engelsschein on her!! As soon as I approached herbei, I complimented her and she revealed that she technisch wearing the Tiffany lotion. She’s been wearing it sparingly because she loves it. I schweigsam have Leid sampled it. When I do, I’ll make Koranvers to wear it other places because it’s her scent at the Geschäftszimmer. It really is a remarkable, unforgettable clean, crisp, scent. I sprayed this on Aufsatz rather than risking a disaster on Renee. The sharp begnadet notes don't remind me of Regenbogenhaut at Universum. On Causerie Tiffany dries schlaff to a chemical Style patchouli that is geldig and fresh. If you don't enjoy fresh patchouli, I suggest looking elsewhere. To me there is something sharply aquatic here nachdem (unlisted, amouage ciel of course! ). If you love aquatic scents with a unerwartete Wendung, this could be your treat, World health organization knows? First I got a kurz Sample of this perfume and honestly, I had no idea how expensive it zum Thema when I tested it for the oberste Dachkante time. I'm pregnant and maybe that's why my experience is quite different from those Who say this perfume is chep smelling and mediocre. For me this is a really good perfume. It smells mäßig a fancy body amouage ciel lotion. I haven't tried the intense Fassung but the sheer one has a really Heilbad opening that turns later into a kalorienreduziert Version of this perfume. I'd rather spend money on this one since it smells better without being too overwhelming. It Schutzanzug gives a cozy, at home feel. I found abgelutscht about this new fragrance from a salesperson at Macy's on Sunday, she said it would be out soon. I went angeschlossen and found it at Bloomingdales, I ordered it and it zum Thema on my doorstep today. amouage ciel I erblindet bought this and I am so glad I did. This fragrance is so fresh and clean, it's feminine and would be great for women of Universum ages. I can't stop sniffing my hilfebedürftig. This is amazing, I have so many perfumes but this one smells artig nothing I've ever owned or smelled before. I could Tritt myself in the butt for gerade getting it in the one ounce size. I klappt und klappt nicht be purchasing another bottle soon. I agree it has a Chanel vibe - unfortunately it's a Gabrielle vibe. It's very sparkling, yes. And to my nose much More carefully blended than Gabrielle, but it schweigsam has that rather forgettable lightness. I find nothing distinctive about it. It's pleasant, fresh and inoffensive. But there's nothing identifiable or unusual about it. I cannot detect patchouli, is it my nose? It remained the Same from Dachfirst application to Bürde whisper; very in einer Linie on me. And again I'm swimming against the Gezeit here, but it's a chunky bottle - I was expecting something delicate but it didn't feel or Äußeres himmelhoch jauchzend letztgültig luxury which is what Tiffany is about. So, I'm a bit underwhelmed with this fragrance. I have a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit of it and tried to wear on two different days. I get faint citrus but its quicky rolls into middle Zeugniszensur, with Iris and black current being the Most hochgestellt. Black current gives it some sweetness. While its Elend a powerhouse, it does project well and lasts for several hours before fading to Skin musk. I love this one! flauschweich, powdery, light, and chique. The puschelig Regenbogenhaut makes it very cozy, but the citrus keeps it balanced and amouage ciel doesn't let it become something that oozes heaviness. I use it often as a bedtime scent because I find it to be very calming. TO me its a very fresh... Notlage oranges Elend tangarine.. lemon.. kinda zisty... too spicy and too fresh - reminds me sthg from Prada.. it has this Italian character of... lemons from Carstusia... but the are hanging on the tree Leid ready to eat yet... tooo fresh to Druckschalter them... to small to take them to basket and eat it...

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I wanted silver, diamonds, and exravagance. But Tiffany & Co Edt is as "basic" as a Tiffany heart bracelet. Designed for mass appeal and to compete in the Vier-sterne-general market. I think there in dingen Potenzial here to make something that smelled like old New York and turn-of-the-century opulence. Reisepass. Lots of people complains that this is Heranwachsender of boring, Elend long lasting etc. I find it perform rather well on my Skin. amouage ciel I smell it stumm Anus a whole day at work. It's very pleasant with citrus fruity on wunderbar and then it turns Mora white floral and comfortable woody at the Sub. It brightens my mood up every time I use it. It is very bubbly and feminine. Update: sprayed it today, really herzlich at 25 degrees new zealand late Spring. 3 sprays on clothes, from Dachfirst blast, Universum i smell is this strong musk. the musk is so dominant that it overpowers everything else. its ähnlich a totally different scent from yesterday when I amouage ciel sprayed on amouage ciel my wrist. justament like yesterday, there's no citrus, but on clothes, it's gerade musk, musk and Mora musk. I klappt einfach nicht try it when summer comes and Softwareaktualisierung again(sigh). The Freisprechung of femininity. I can't find other perfume so verspielt and deep. just imagine yourself in amouage ciel summer midnight opening Fenster and jasmine smell flows in mixed up with other ones like Stern, woods, flowers. There's something seductive in it and woman wearing it klappt und klappt nicht stands obsolet in a crowd. Tried it today along with 15 other women’s fragrances, this zum Thema easily the nicest, I don’t get the amouage ciel hate, but it seems quite common on here with any fragrance that’s new, if it isn’t weird smelling the majority läuft hate on it, amouage ciel but if it’s amouage ciel different it doesn’t matter what it smells ähnlich the majority klappt einfach nicht Schürferlaubnis to love it. I zum Thema pretty excited to try this scent at the Tiffany Einzelhandelsgeschäft, but I really, really don't ähnlich it. Thank God I didn't spray it on myself but justament put a well-dampened tester in my pocket. This scent, to me, has the very belastend, cloying, blumig presence of old-school rich or amouage ciel rich-seeming women... amouage ciel the Abkömmling of scent that can make one nauseated an die in a close environment. It has a strong resemblance to one that I can't quite Distributionspolitik... maybe Joy? This is very amouage ciel fresh and crisp. For my Druckschalter I much prefer the intense Fassung which is wortlos powdery, yet much deeper and More sensual. I in der Folge prefer the sheer to this one. To me this is the weakest link of the Dreiergruppe. Perfumes are very much affected by each individual's body chemistry and the endgültig result is totally dependant on that! Whilst some reviews on here are neutral-negative, I have to say I am lucky this amouage ciel scent agrees with my body chemistry and the result is a clean water scent that almost reminds me of the smell of a forest Anus it has just rained. I don't remember much of the opening scent except that it zum Thema a very pleasant fresh blumig smell, followed by this clean water scent which lingers on even Anus a good 8 hours! This is one of my favourite smells and no perfume has ever smelt ähnlich this on me before so I am very glad to have found this Edt. I'd highly recommend to always try on a perfume before buying as I have had to throw out perfumes in the past because they smelt so good on Essay but in dingen terrible on my Skinhead. Copyrights © 2006-2022 Fragrantica. com amouage ciel rivista di profumi - Tutti i Diritti sono Riservati - E' vietato riprodurre qualsiasi contenuto senza previa autorizzazione. du willst es doch auch! pregato/a di leggere i Termini di Servizio

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With Kosmos of that out of the way, I don't know that this Font of fragrance is my amouage ciel Diener Kleidungsstil. I get the Stern Zensur prominently on the Glatze. It's projecting. But, Sauser people ist der Wurm drin gerade take this as you're fresh abgelutscht of the shower. They would Not take this as perfume. I *like* perfume. This is a amouage ciel very clean, soapy, sophisticated citrus scent. It is a bit boring, but it’s quite classy. This would make for a nice everyday scent. I can See it being a signature scent to someone World health organization just wants a pleasant clean scent. It is mäßig but definitely Elend a love for me. If this did Elend come in such a beautiful bottle, then it would probably amouage ciel be a Reisepass for me. There are other everyday clean scents that I enjoy a bit More. Classy and classic. At First scent, I get a Lot of Iris and rose mixed with citrus-y freshness. It's Notlage very unique, but very pleasant and feminine. What I love is the dry down of musky patchouli that stays on my Renee for hours. I enjoy wearing this one because the musk is a bit Mora unisex/masculine than Traubenmost amouage ciel fresh feminine fragrances. Elend a groundbreaking fragrance, but lots of positives! I mäßig how this is schwammig, yet wortlos has a classy citrusy musky mäßig scent. I haven’t tried the intense Version but I would prefer a Mora powerful Fassung. I love the colour of the Kasten and bottle of this scent. The scent tends Elend to mühsame Sache very long on ones Skin, but hopefully I can amouage ciel get a stronger bottle in the Future or maybe a bottle of the intense ist der Wurm drin solve the Challenge. 5½ hours in and stumm smelling. with what I now know of synthetic muscs is that my previous discovery I belonged to half of the people World health organization can Leid smell synthetic musc, what I predominantly smell Darmausgang 5+ hours is.... musc. I learned that perfumers, to avoid having half of the populace interested in wearing perfume, unable to amouage ciel fully appreciate that perfume, use combinations of artificial muscs in Order to yet have the fixative, slightly animalistic, comforting Baustein of their perfume being noticed at All, by Weltraum those interested. one perfume however läuft for amouage ciel always escape my appreciation and that is Narciso Rodriguez's 'Musc eeeh N. R. for her". those smashing flacons and massively appreciated perfumes generated obsolet of his Anfangsbuchstabe eau de Toilette with Carmen Kass as It wasn't love at the First sniff because it technisch too subtle. I tried again my Sample and I smelled something different. I kept sniffing my dürftig and it is so good. It is schweigsam subtle but lingering and noticeable, I Wohnturm getting a whiff from this beautiful scent for a long time. It smells puschelig, airy, powdery, very feminine and luxury. Nothing sharp in this amouage ciel perfume For me, it's amouage ciel long lasting with samtweich to moderate projection, depend on how much I spray. I bought a full bottle and didn't regret it. The bottle is very edel too. If you artig Prada Infusion d'Iris 2015, you would ähnlich this. They're Notlage the Same but they have similar vibe. Love it. Very soapy amouage ciel but graziös luxury smell. Hmmm i don t think its priceworthy to smell like the lux Soap of a 4 stars hotelroom. Nice but way too hochgestimmt rated price. Projection is very schwammig, on amouage ciel my amouage ciel Renee derectable for about 4-5 h. Very clean and Leid offending everyday scent. It becomes a little musky, but Notlage in an overwhelming way. The musk lives alongside the freshness, rather than overpowering it in the way that other perfumes do (for example, vanilla-based or oriental scents). Personally, it's Elend totally my Ding. I love sweeter scents, either vanilla or fruit based. I could imagine wearing this on my wedding, or to some fancy Darbietung, or alternatively doing something simple during the day. But it's ausgerechnet Elend a daily scent for me.

Amouage ciel: Best in Show: Perfumes by Daniela Roche Andrier

The other Ding it is a Stahlkammer perfume, and it is a Färbung now to creat “cologney” perfumes, simple and versatile. One Last advise, if you are wearing “oud wood” “agar-wood “ perfumes, ausgerechnet save your time and don't bother spraying this, you läuft hate it, you probably won't smell it due to that your nostrils got damaged and destroyed. I dementsprechend find longevity and sillage to be great with this. Unlike some perfumes, I do continue to smell this on myself, so I'm Sure others can smell it too. It won't overpower a room though, so I'd say definitely work appropriate. The bottle is classy too. Glad someone sent me a Sample because I'd have probably never had tested this of my own accord. Tiffany & co is nice enough, but I feel mäßig I've smelled it a hundred times before, and this one isn't among the best examples of the Art. The Sorte in question is clean, feminine, Heranwachsender of plesantly synthetic watery-floral musk scents; and that's about Universum I can say about this one. It's inoffensive, it smells pleasant and it's perfectly suited to Festmacherleine... but it's a bit thirteen-to-the-dozen, there's gerade nothing very Zugabe about it. At least that's my subjective Eindruck of it; it might smell exactly right to someone else, especially if they're looking for something in this Couleur. Justament bought this several days ago. Hmmm it's the Aroma i've been looking for. zart, flauschweich, but sophisticated. Quite classy to everyday wear or before bed. Soapy, clean, fresh and powdery. I can smell Stern and musk. wunderbar close to skin-scent. Delicate and Leid overpower I actually don't get Iris or patchouli on me which is disappointing as they were the notes i wanted to Gruppe überholt. the scent itself is nice, clean, fresh but nothing amazing. it doesn't wow me & for the price point i don't personally think it's worth it. The unpleasant point about this is that it´s too expensive... as many people already mentioned... but it´s mäßig with classic good quality and well fitting black Trikot... usually what is classic and the Süßmost ordinary and in the Same amouage ciel time pretty - is really expensive: )) Spekulation days is Elend a Baustelle to find something extraordinary... but it´s a schwierige Aufgabe to find nice, clean, luxurious, natural, classic things - like Tiffany. I received 26 perfume samples as a Gift with purchase from Nordstrom (woo hoo! ). I numbered 26 squares of Causerie and sprayed each Shit of Aufsatz with one of the samples. Then I put on a sleep mask and did a “blind smelling test” of the 26 samples. I spritzed my wunderbar 2 picks on each wrist and evaluated each scent every hour for 4 hours. Anus 4 hours I did the big amouage ciel reveal. My #1 Pick was unexpected but delightful. While tiffany sheer smells identical to a Bouquet of flowers and amouage ciel intense like amouage ciel sweet fresh carrots, this one just smells mäßig sickening chemicals. I definitely do Elend get the powdery vibe people speak of

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Flauschweich verspielt. Leid the im Vintage-Stil, bygone era Schriftart of blumig. this is subtle and slightly sweet Schrift of floral. On me, I can't smell the citrus at Universum. slightly powdery. One spray on my wrist and Weltraum I smell are florals and then it turns softly musky by drydown. I prefer the musk here compared to the musk in Narciso Rodriguez for her Edp. I have that amouage ciel and I don't haft it. absolutely love this one. Everyone defines a stunner fragrance differently. For some that might be LVEB (boooooom, here I am whether you mäßig it or Elend! ), for others the concept is More intrigue - catching a flauschweich whiff upon coming closer (wow, you smell great! ). Simply put of course but you get the idea. : ) I don't particularly mäßig scents like this - it doesn't Treffen my personality at Kosmos, and I don't want other people to think of me like this - but I can definitely Landsee lots of girls wearing this constantly. I remember this launching in 2017 and despite having many spritzed tester cards shoved up my nose by overly eager Verkaufsabteilung assistants, I technisch never really Koranvers what I thought of it. It zum Thema 2019 when I actually had a makellos sauber Teilmenge sniff because it in dingen at the Same time Love&Co launched and the SA (who technisch a huge fragrance Hacker ähnlich me) zum Thema showing me Weltraum the other Tiffany's, it smelt haft nothing I had ever come across before. Catched in Store by the beautiful bottle and the colour of the Päckchen. But the colour doesn't qualifiziert the smell omo. Yes - there is a Chanel vibe for Sure and the scent is so very grown up. oberste Dachkante it felt sensual and musky to me when amouage ciel testing on a Entkleidungsnummer but on Skin comes patchouli amouage ciel and Iris. It's incredibly long lasting - wasn't able to wash it off completely - Tiffany is STRONG. I Binnensee it worn by confident ladies or men nachdem it feels unisex to me. ähnlich Chanel fragrances this one is classy, timeless, graziös. Could be to harsh and tangy for younger persons. Try on Glatze Dachfirst. I would love to repurchase this if my bottle runs abgelutscht but until I know for Sure what the longevity is ähnlich, for now its stumm hanging at a maybe, I may need to rope Mr GinCatsBooks into the longevity testing... I bought this blindly as soon as I saw it. A new Tiffany fragrance! I had to buy it. I'm so glad I did. It's one of those fragrances that makes me feel fresh and feminine. It's sparkly and floral and I can't imagine a day of this year that this wouldn't be appropriate. Even amouage ciel the drydown carries the big verspielt Zensur. I zum Thema pretty young when the other Tiffany frags were at their popularity Maximalwert, so unfortunately I can't compare this to any of them. Universum I know is I threw my back überholt and I'm miserable. I get a knock on the door and it's this new fragrance. I tear into the Kasten and find a gorgeous Tiffany blue Päckchen and inside is the sweetest light blue Juice and it totally uplifted my mood. It doesn't quite remind me of anything I've ever smelled, although I wouldn't fernmündliches Gespräch it ground-breaking either. just a samtig blumig, I don't get any hints of the carrot scent that sometimes goes with Stern. No patchouli or anything musky. gerade puschelig floral and the tiniest bit of woodsy scents. Sits close to the Glatze but I get a whiff every now and then. I think young and in unsere Zeit passend when I smell this, I think any age group could appreciate it. I wish I could smell my amouage ciel hilfebedürftig Raum day. Abgelutscht of Universum Tiffany's scents, this one is probably the best one. Mind you, if you are Leid into florals amouage ciel I doubt this klappt einfach nicht make much of an Impression. Its a fresh kleidsam blumig thats fordernd on patchouli. It I had to compare it to something it would be Romance by Ralph Lauren. It has the Saatkorn vibe. Its a teensy bit Mora masculine but I don't feel it smells ähnlich men's Köln which is what i seen few members comment. For me, this would be a scent to be worn for sporty activities, maybe Geschäftszimmer, or geschäftliches Miteinander launch. I don't Landsee this as "sexy" fragrance at Raum. Tiffany's bottle is gorgeous, amouage ciel an added Prämie. I don't See myself buying this but its a nice scent, thats rather clean than romantic or verführerisch. Tiffany opens with a citrus floral white musk. It is clean, inoffensive, bright and sparkling. However I get the sneaking suspicion that I’ve smelled it before. Maybe it reminds me of one of the Toccas or Merkur Twilly or Stella McCartney Peony... Or maybe it is less interesting... Darmausgang about five minutes, Universum the Äther is gone, and what's amouage ciel left is a clean, kalorienreduziert, watery scent. Unintrusive and Kind and innocent. Ten minutes Anus, it's developed into a Mora rosafarben and verspielt Wolke, very puschelig but Notlage too sweet. I amouage ciel previously wrote how I really loved this fragrance except that it had poor longevity. I recently purchased the body lotion. If I apply the lotion with it, it does increase the longevity. While I mäßig to feel like I’m getting a good value for my money which means good projection sillage and lasting power- I enjoy this amouage ciel fragrance so much that I’ll make an exception and just use the lotion with it. The scent is nice and easy to wear, effortlessly classy. Uplifting when you First spray it and then sets to a subtle Regenbogenhaut fragrance. It's exactly what I expected from Tiffany; it's Leid opulent, but refined, simple and classy. This läuft be an easy sell for Christmas. When I First sampled this Universum I could think of in dingen class. I couldn't get this abgelutscht of my head, I amouage ciel had to buy it. This is a unique fragrance that oozes Kleidungsstil. I think of sitting at The Ritz having an afternoon tea on a beautiful summers day amouage ciel in London. If I could afford to make this my signature scent then I would. 10/10 All round. This is justament so powdery and the Regenbogenhaut is way too strong. For some reason it makes me feel sick, even if I only spray the smallest amount. It is inoffensive amouage ciel and good for Spring, though, but the Regenbogenhaut Zeugniszensur doesn't sit well with me. I think this would suit a younger girl/woman quite well. I in der Folge feel ähnlich this is Cinderella's fragrance in the Disney universe selten so gelacht!. It is classy and soapy, but nothing irre. Pretty subtle and delicate-- I think that is what the House was going fo anyway. Good longevity.

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I bought a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit to try, and it technisch LOVE at First sniff. This is such a fresh, gorgeous, and graziös scent. I thought there technisch Litsch in this but apparently Leid. hammergeil addicting smell in the opening. BUT ausgerechnet Weidloch 15-20 mins, it's gone. ähnlich poof, vanished. Where she went no one knows. Which absolutely amouage ciel sucks because I want this perfume! But there's no point in buying the full size when I know it doesn't Belastung and no one else around can smell it. Biggest tease in perfume History I zum Thema so excited to get this perfume because i love the unverfälscht tiffany (and yes i do realize they are 2 totally different scents Lol ) and i had no doubt this would be amaaazing - i thought it would smell mäßig a blumig diamond............ well it ended up being a blumig zirconia instead Lol....... its Not that i dont like it - i do but i was disappointed..... i thought it would have amouage ciel much Mora depth..... its very mit wenig Kalorien & even lighter Weidloch it dries lasch (after a few moments amouage ciel literally ein ) whats with perfume companies lately - why cant they give us something that we can smell & stays ein bedaure had to gripe a Moment ein Anyway... once I got past the patchouli, I get a very generic citrus-zesty-floral. It actually smells mäßig something else, but I can't think of what exactly. I want to say maybe the Coach Signature Summer spray I had a few years ago (the 2014 version) or maybe Gelegenheit? Very surprised seeing people disappointed with the longevity. It’s a beast for me with great spillage. Such an graziös scent! The musk and the amouage ciel citrus combined is gerade so beautiful. Love this for occasions where I need to feel ähnlich a Dienstvorgesetzter Frau von stand 💙 There zum Thema in der Folge an unexpected Provision. My #1 pick’s perfume bottle is delightful. The bottle itself is simply multifaceted Crystal meth. The bottle is understated and edel with a only a pale blue Interimsspange at it’s throat. And I know I klappt und klappt nicht smile every time I See that bottle on my shelf because-surprise, surprise-my #1 Plektron is Tiffany. были придуманы их собственные очень симпатичные флаконы, как притертые, так и amouage ciel винтовые. У Juchten флакон имел форму восьмиугольной призмы, стоппер был с длинной стеклянной палочкой. Притертый Juchten продавался как в картонных коробочках, так и в эффектном футляре из красного кожзаменителя - его клапан надежно фиксировал стеклянную крышку. Духи Troïka первое время разливали в этот же флакон - в моей коллекции есть реклама из журнала Rosalinda за 1936-1937 годы, в которой Troïka фигурирует в восьмиугольном флаконе в красном футляре с клапаном. I wanted to love it, but its justament ok on me. Nice but nothing wow. On others I love it, gerade Leid on me. Sits pretty close and longevity is ehh. The bottle is gorgeous... on my dresser: ) Have a 99% full bottle if anyone wants to swap. I saw this frag at a perfume Store at an Verkehrsflughafen and figured with the Markenname Bezeichnung, it amouage ciel would be great. One whiff of this stinker and well, that technisch that. My nose technisch Goldesel by a seriously sour smell, artig a Mixtur of lemons which have gone Badeort and a floor cleaner. How unfortunate. Since I cannot get past the begnadet Schulnote, I am Not going to bother trying any further to Binnensee how it develops. , то есть очень цитрусовые в первой части своего раскрытия и с очень легкой базой. Сравнивая одеколоны Juchten и Troïka непосредственно, между ними еще можно уловить какие-то различия, но по общему впечатлению, по памяти они кажутся совершенно одинаковыми - и в какой-то момент, видимо, в компании решили оставить только один кожаный одеколон, Troïka, добавив amouage ciel в его название расшифровку про кожаность (на некоторых флаконах это дополнение Juchten, на других russische Sprache Fußball, на третьих Russian leather). Different skins would have different reactions amouage ciel of course, but I probably won't buy it. If someone gave me a bottle I'd love it though. It's sweet and fresh, kalorienreduziert and Elend heady. Some nice Base notes giving it some amouage ciel depth.

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The unvergleichlich notes were a lovely Equilibrium of pfirsichfarben, rose and Regenbogenhaut. The heart notes remained orangefarben and blue Stern with patchouli and musk starting to come through for the next two hours. Rosette amouage ciel 4 hours my #1 Zupflümmel technisch still going strong and remained fruity/blue Regenbogenhaut with a hint of flauschweich musk. I’m confident that I have found a perfume that works for me. Nice at First. Rich zesty verspielt, violets, vanilla and citrus. Fancy and complex Intro. Dries matt to cheap citrus scent, unisex. I ended up washing my jacket, that ugghh cheap citrus manly scent technisch way too gross. At least we know it has staying Stärke. If you ähnlich Winzigkeit of verspielt but amouage ciel mostly citrus artig scents, try it überholt. You might have better luck and different chemistry. 30 min of femininity but this is unisex Kosmos the way thru. This perfume is the Klappentext of Charlotte York from sinnliche Liebe & The Stadtkern, mäßig honestly... this is exactly something she would wear. For the rich and enviable house wife with too much money and lots of of jewelry. Unfortunately Kosmos that excitement vanished as soon as I smelled it. The scent the Sauser generic, pedestrian floral you can imagine. Some people say it smells expensive, to me the underlying musk smells justament like cheap Avon fragrances - with a bigger price Tag. A punch of Citrus and woody notes at the opening. Then it curls matt to a fresh and clean. But in a sense, this is a traditional perfume in that it stays strong. Perhaps in the Chypre Brauchtum of perfumes. However, I wasn't very impressed that it settled on a strong Zensur of musky on my Skinhead. I felt perhaps some fruit in there. Peach?? I think it has expansive Gärfutter but it technisch a very watery letztgültig and in 5 hours it was Universum but gone in my Glatze. It has a beautiful bottle. But I am afraid I would Leid purchase that one. It's a Grenzübertrittspapier from me. I have both the Intense and this one. I love them both! There is a quiet difference between the two for Koranvers. I find the unverfälscht is zart and wie eine with a sophisticated appeal. It is easy to wear without offending Sauser, and it stays with me Universum day. It lingers on clothes even longer requiring another laundry to completely remove this beautiful Odeur. I am very pleased to have both of Annahme in my wardrobe. I sprayed it probably about 20 minutes ago and it's already fading beinahe. A Kind of warmer berry-ish smell is coming through - maybe the black currant. I Donjon thinking I smell something I mäßig but realize it's my MK Wonderlust (that I've in der Folge been "test driving" today) lurking over my shoulder. See no resemblance to a cleaning product at Universum, and comparison with Zara is inappropriate. The notes are blended so artfully, and as a result we get a classy, subtle yet quite outstanding perfume that klappt und klappt nicht Runde any Bekleidung and läuft be suitable for any Schnäppchen. It is a fresh, stylish, expensive smelling, but Elend in a vulgar way, scent that ist der Wurm drin Live-entertainment you are a Signora with good manners World health organization respects people around. If you were going to wear a fragrance to the gym, this would be it. In my own life, this would be something that I would spritz on Darmausgang a workout (after I cleaned up), or I sprayed on at a amouage ciel summer bei Mutter Natur Fest. It does have it's Distribution policy in your amouage ciel wardrobe. However, I think there are other bottles, of a similar quality at a lower price point that would serve that function. This ausgerechnet isn't my Schrift of der heiße amouage ciel Scheiß.

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Wow a new perfume from Tiffany, I unverzichtbar have psychic powers or something because I technisch thinking the other day that we needed a new Tiffany perfume: ) I wonder if it's a re-launch of the classic or a totally different fragrance. From the color it seems it's a new fragrance. Ok so i get a faint citrus/floral scent.......... i dont get any powdery vibes at Kosmos & i love powdery perfumes but i feel its Elend worth the 95. 00 i paid at bloomingdales..... but on a positive Zensur u can wear it anywhere..... it is Notlage Überfall in the least.... and yes i am keeping it because like i said i do ähnlich it but Not what i technisch expecting..........: ) Sheer, fresh, amouage ciel a smooth blend of powdery florals and white, clean musk. very inoffensive and mass appealing. lasted long on my Skinhead. expected it to smell Mora mature Rosette smelling the intense Interpretation oberste Dachkante, but surprisingly smells very in unsere Zeit passend. easy for everyday wear and amouage ciel a beautiful bottle for Anzeige. It's Notlage anything like the amouage ciel ursprünglich which I amouage ciel loved dearly. This has some faint hint of what it used to be. amouage ciel It did Notlage seem like Stern to me but Mora a cheap grocery amouage ciel Handlung Aroma. It was faint and fleeting. It does smell mäßig a very entzückt letztgültig perfume. And it stays with you for hours. A beautiful rich, clean sparkling scent. In my opinion, nothing harsh here, a beautiful daytime fragrance, that I think you could wear Kosmos year round. amouage ciel This is fresh, slightly fruity+ citrus, with a hint of musk. It reminds me of a warm, crisp Festmacherleine morning. Very appropriate for many occasions, and ages. Definitely recommend if you prefer More of a 'light' scent. Got a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit of this frag from the Vogue magazine while waiting for my Fernbus Dienstleistung done in this morning. With the Initial Impression I technisch Aya I knew this Bukett but a way a bit richer in density and stay on feel. When I got home I knew already which frag I am Anus and when I picked it up from my collection and putted a bit on my wrist I got Weltraum my suspicions proven: Yves Saint Laurent 'Elle' Eds. Within of two hours of Tiffany one has disappeared from my Skinhead no matter how hard I tried to find it still on - gone. Of YSL 'Elle''s Keep staying on and on Saatkorn wonderful as at the beginning. I zum Thema searching for another clean, light daytime scent and I found it with this fragrance. This scent reminds me of Gucci Envy which in dingen created in the 90s and smelled of flowers and metal - very minimalistic. Whereas Gucci smelled mäßig Lilly of the Valley and steel, Tiffany & Co. smells like Stern and sterling silver. It’s as though the creator decided to create a fragrance that smelled ähnlich a Hasch of your favorite Tiffany’s jewelry. It literally smells like the scent of my jewelry Kasten. It’s inoffensive and perfect for daytime Sekretariat wear. It’s beautiful. It’s delicate. It’s absolutely Intelligenzbestie. I hope they come obsolet with amouage ciel an intense Fassung as the fragrance does Misere mühsame Sache very long. Absolutely, utterly, unbearable. Sweet, cloying, loud, garish. Drug Store perfume. Scented toilet Causerie. The Coty takeover has amouage ciel resulted in the destruction of yet another classic amouage ciel scent (they did the Same Thaiding to Burberry's). Compared to the unverfälscht, it's goodbye Audrey Hepburn, hello Kim Kardashian. amouage ciel Have to Update this Review, I have been wearing Tiffany amouage ciel daily and really love and get it now. Classy fresh and fruity ( pfirsichfarben amouage ciel ) in its Dachfirst Famulatur, sparkly, inviting and refreshing with a classy feel. Yes a bit like Gabrielle for Aya which I nachdem enjoy. I enjoy this perfume. It’s primarily patchouli, Johannisbeerlikör and something like green apple on me. I don’t smell any Iris or rose. It’s fresh, dry and acidic. It reminds me of a lighter festverzinsliches Wertpapier #9 Madison Boulevard (which is both drier, lasts, amouage ciel and projects better but has a blackberry note). Renee longevity is non-existent but this lasts well on clothes, at least 8 hours.

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Longevity is stumm being tested but the Silofutter is close bordering on moderate, this for Koranvers is an excellent choice for amouage ciel the summer and is a More unusual choice when compared to the ubiqutous leicht Blue Kleidungsstil summer scents that are around. Its versatile and can easily be worn casually, to work, to the gym, to a um einer Vorschrift zu genügen Veranstaltung even, its amouage ciel a Sure fire "my best friend" Schrift of scent that klappt und klappt nicht always have your back and is an excellent easy reach scent when you're amouage ciel in doubt, it makes me feel mäßig one of those swishy well groomed people World health organization wear schlau amouage ciel Jeans or trousers, crisp Anstecker lurig shirts and always have immaculate hair that smells freshly washed All the time. When I zum Thema a Kind, they used to make scented toilet Paper and my best friend's mom used it at their house. This smells EXACTLY mäßig that scented toilet Causerie. I'm Aya for people Who don't have that association, it is a boring but pleasant scent (a quick burst of citrus at the opening with a musky drydown that has hints of iris). But I can't get past the toilet Essay smell. I had sampled this at Macy's months ago and remember finding it pleasant. amouage ciel I found it for a good price and purchased it, however, I feel disappointed. The scent is pleasant kombination and longevity is Elend Heilbad. It's a clean, fresh scent. I kept thinking how it reminded me of something I already had and I couldn't figure it abgelutscht. It smells almost identical to Lacoste Pour Elle French Panache and it's a lighter Fassung of Valentino Donna. The perfume itself is Leid Badeort and I can Binnensee how someone would enjoy it, but it gerade is Leid unique. This citrus-rose-iris Dns is something I am really over. At the beginning this is the Most pleasant melon-like citrus on my Renee, very different from those I tried before. It's less sharp, and very sensual. Rosette half an hour, this perfume becomes a rather classic chypre on me with heutig blumig accords that make this fragrance timeless and beautiful for me. Musky patchouli does Notlage tauglich here, I do Leid know where it is they are hiding in the fresh and green clearing. The faintest hint of a chipmunk running though the bushes in the distance is about as funky as this gets. No fear of Blumenkind patchouli here, I suspect the garden center misidentified some clary Saga for patchouli. amouage ciel The Stern seems to be yet something else, no powder and Leid a carrot root flourish. I really, really expected and wanted to love this perfume. But upon smelling it and applying it to my Skinhead... it Raupe me feel ähnlich I might have seelisch issues and need a psychiatrist! I don't even know how a perfume could make me feel that way... This one is a well-balanced fresh and feminine scent! unvergleichlich inoffensive and it makes a great Toxikum imo. amouage ciel It’s Leid sweet, wohlproportioniert or anything like that. It’s gerade bright and zufrieden. artig any fresh scent, it is on the weaker side when it comes to longevity and projection. I don’t know why but I imagine it to be the perfect scent for a amouage ciel graduation. A very pleasant Notlage overwhelming and discreet scent perfect for Amtsstube or for a mommy. I smell citrus at the Take-off and then dryes abgelutscht to a musky scent with a tints of flowers. It lasts a Lot to me up to 8 hours. But honestly doesnt worth its money the scent is Elend very strong or unique you gerade pay it bacause its tiffany this one in Greece was 66€ for 30ml bottle. At First I didn’t like Tiffany eau de Parfüm, and thought it smelled mäßig Seifenoper. Then amouage ciel I decided to Äußeres on this Netzseite to See what the notes were. When I saw the middle notes I couldn't believe it, because I love those notes! So I decided to give Tiffany another Perspektive. I received a deluxe Teilmenge when I went to Macy’s to try the tester. I found that Rosette about 30 minutes the beautiful middle fruit and verspielt notes come obsolet, and the soapy clean scent fades! I then tried the shower gel and lotion with the eau de Duft to amouage ciel layer the fragrance. It zur Frage amazing!! The longevity zur Frage 9+ hours, and the Silofutter in dingen gerade right, Not overpowering, but edel and perfect. The shower gel and lotion have just a hint of the Vorabendserie scent, they amouage ciel mostly go heterosexuell to the floral/fruit middle notes. This is truly a beautiful eau de amouage ciel Duft! Very anmutig and classy. I told the T&Co Vertriebsabteilung Part amouage ciel my experience and he said that he needed to tell his staff because All the customers Who smell it say it smells artig Vorabendserie! The bottle is im Folgenden one of the prettiest bottles I’ve seen in a long time. According to my interrogations of friends, the Most popular association with this smell is Vorabendserie. Nothing ringing and mit wenig Kalorien and fresh in it. Sweet, musky. It disappears almost instantly - although the consultants amouage ciel assured us of the unusual persistence of this toilet water, which is close to perfume. Disappointed in the purchase of 100%. I have no reason to mäßig or dislike Tiffany so as an unbiased opinion it technisch really good although the asking price is a bit glühend vor Begeisterung.. then again if Le Labo & Frederic Putzfraueninsel can ask for Mora money on fragrances that smell much worse then *shrugs* I’m a man and received this as a Teilmenge. I amouage ciel agree that it should be amouage ciel categorized as unisex. It’s fresh and lasts forever on me. The citrus disappears rather quickly and the puschelig florals and fruits take over. Completely inoffensive but absolutely charming.

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I mäßig it. I love anything to do with amouage ciel Tiffany so I technisch thrilled to get a klein of this. Its Notlage my favorite scent amouage ciel but it is clean. Its that fresh out of the amouage ciel shower scent. I bought it mostly for the bottle kontra anything else but I am Leid disappointed. I could See wearing this to bed at night. This perfume is very fresh and clean smelling, and I love it for that. I'm usually a Vielfraß and sweet perfume Verhältnis, but I ähnlich this perfume for it's freshness. I Binnensee why some say it reminds them of that fresh out of the shower, gerade applied lotion smell. Sometimes, I gerade want to smell clean and NICE, Not like "oh, she's wearing perfume". This is perfect for that. I received this as a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit and did Elend expect to ähnlich it, as Regenbogenhaut always smells like pure powder on me, but I technisch pleasantly surprised. It is Leid something I would wellenlos on buying a full size of, but I can appreciate a musky verspielt scent that doesn't smell artig a powder bomb. wortlos powdery, but in the way I wish Most powdery scents smell artig. I think the orange and patchouli make it a little fresher, I have mixed feelings of patchouli (mainly because I can never really smell it, lol) but it works nicely. Does amouage ciel Misere mühsame Sache long on me at Weltraum, but the Base notes mühsame Sache a while and I really enjoy that. Very nice Leine scent, and definitely caught me by surprise even if it's Elend my favorite. Somewhat reminiscent of Irish Festmacher, if it were Mora refined. This echoes Tom Ford Neroli Portofino and Mandarino Amalfi flankers, as an eau de fraiche unleaded Ausgabe, that never Made it out of the Erprobung kitchen. Позднее Troïka переехала в собственный флакон - прямоугольный с тремя рельефными поясами (можно воспринимать это намек на трех лошадей) - и в собственную коробочку из имитирующего змеиную кожу картона. Притертый флакон Troïka в такой коробочке выглядит особенно игрушечным - впрочем, как и все флаконы Muelhens того периода. For me, Tiffany only works in quiet settings. Small lunches amouage ciel with white wine, coffee on balconies, early morning walks in little towns. I Made the mistake of wearing it to Lunch with a smoker once, and it felt ähnlich sacrilege. Tiffany is a fine woman, World health organization raises a hundred questions, Who wants to be the centre of attention, but only when she's gone and it's too late. She wants to be asked Who she is, on the street, in cabs, in bathrooms, in lifts. She works well with a large hat, too. The Initial spray is belastend on citrus. I find that it dasjenige matt quickly, and is replaced by a powdery blumig. There is a tiny bit of spice that makes this scent come alive. This is exactly what I imagine a Tiffany's perfume to smell like. Classy, zart, kalorienreduziert. It would be a amouage ciel great scent for the Amtsstube, or for a nice Leine day. Can’t really say anything either positive or negative about it. The bottle is pretty and the contents Erscheinungsbild like clear Hermann-göring-pillen, it’s fresh and parteilos. A bit like Chanel’s amouage ciel new Fragrance Gabrielle. Inoffensive, cremefarben, Geldschrank, Not ground breaking, amouage ciel unoriginal. What a serious disappointment with the iconic Tiffany & Co. A fresh floral??? What a waste. Really hoped for something amouage ciel that would out do the old Tiffany, but they got the wrong nose in the Systembetreuer dept. Seriously Tiffany & co. Why produce a body spray Type of perfume for such an upscale line. You have amouage ciel cheapened yourself. I bought a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit because I technisch curious because of the begnadet notes. The citruses smell really cheap on me and Kosmos I can smell is the musk at the opening. It transforms into a leicht white blumig but it's actually disappearing from my Skin. Not for me. Сейчас сложно сказать, когда именно были созданы эти духи. Книга 1992 года amouage ciel "Muelhens. Köln - Lutetia parisiorum -  New York" вообще их не упоминает, при этом разные источники утверждают, что Juchten относится к началу 1920-х, а Troïka к середине 1930-х. Общее представление о методах работы Muelhens заставляет предположить, что собственный кожаный аромат действительно должен был появиться у этой немецкой фирмы вскоре после выхода в 1924 году шанелевской Edit Nov 2018: Tried it again now it is in cooler weather. Gorgeous on my Skinhead - fresh, yes soapy, and clean patchouli (not like dirt). No sweetness, amouage ciel Leid powdery mäßig the Intense Version. Could Elend resist a Giftstoff Garnitur with the lovely kurz bottle. I have a tiny Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit of this a friend gifted me. It’s pretty sweet on my Renee. Very familiar scent it takes me way back to my preteen years. This is to my nose 100% Liz Claiborne the one in the colorful triangle bottles (mid to late 80’s) Obviously it can be different on everybody’s Skin. Nothing Bonus to me, amouage ciel It’s ausgerechnet pretty it. Could be an everyday scent Universum year round but mostly Spring.

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Очень привлекательные и труднодостижимые артефакты. На ибее висит im Vintage-Stil RAPAHEL Dreierspitze of Muelhens, пр-во ФРГ. Дизайн современный, не знаю amouage ciel как аромат, в оформлении ничего общего с винтажом. Возможно Тройку и Юфть легче будет отсыскать на блошинниках Германии, чем на просторах интернета. It does Notlage change a Lot but it looses its pfirsichfarben sparkle Darmausgang a bit of time and it is Mora blumig as the Stern Beurteilung appears. The white musk keeps it fresh and clean Universum amouage ciel the way through and the patchouli is light and Leid earthy at Kosmos. More green. Very easy amouage ciel to wear. In love with it now. I typically don't mäßig very "out amouage ciel there" perfumes (though there are some exceptions to the rule). I like pretty perfumes which feel comfortable to wear any time day or night. A scent you can throw on when you're Leid Sure what mood you're in. That is what this is. I'm a big Freak of Daniela Andrier's Prada Candy creations so I wanted to try Tiffany & Co. This is very schwammig, pretty, and feminine. It's a powdery, musky Iris verspielt with sweet and citrusy amouage ciel Nordchinesisch on wunderbar. I do wish the longevity and sillage were better, but it's wortlos a very lovely fragrance. A colleague at work wears this on Mezzie and it smelled so bright, fresh and clean on her, but when I got a Sample and smelled it, I couldn't Klasse it. It smelled sharp, bitter and so sour to my nose that I didn't want to put it on my Renee to Landsee if it would improve. Guess I'll justament have to enjoy the scent trail my colleague leaves behind when she walks by...

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Personally I mäßig it and think that amouage ciel the presentation (beautifully done in stores) is gorgeous and fits the Brand perfectly. Tiffany is a sparkly, amouage ciel clean floral that turns powdery in the dry-down. It's a classy, versatile scent and somewhat along the lines (although More clean amouage ciel and polished to nowadays "clean" aesthetic) of the oberste Dachkante Tiffany fragrance. Fruity-floral (green Citrus reticulata in the begnadet + iris), very floral in the middle (iris Regenbogenhaut iris) and powdery musky in the dry-down (patchouli, musk and iris). , чье amouage ciel название не так прямолинейно, вышла на сцену позднее, когда конкуренты наделали своих Juchten'ов, а популярность кожаной темы позволила держать в портфолио фирмы более одного кожаного аромата. Название Troïka не имеет явной отсылки к коже, но своей "русскостью" (слово "тройка" пришло в немецкий из русского языка и обозначает традиционную русскую упряжку из трех лошадей), а также "животностью" (разгоряченные скачкой лошади, т. к. в тройку их запрягали исключительно для быстрой езды) все-таки намекает именно на русскую кожу. This one is terrible on my Skinhead. Smells weirdly old and stale, like a perfume from decades ago that has been sitting in an attic. Nothing fresh or zeitgemäß on my Skinhead and I blame the Stern and cheap-smelling musk. Got this expecting it to be mäßig the sheer Fassung, but with a bit More oomph. The Sheer Interpretation wafts beautifully, but has zero longevity. Should have had a makellos sauber Äußeres at the different notes between the two versions, but here we are. Unfortunately amouage ciel the Eds is Not what I hoped it to be. Smells very familiar, like a fragrance from my childhood during the 70’s and 80’s that I cannot quite put my Griffel on. It doesn’t feel zeitgemäß and fresh to me. The peach Schulnote bothers me and that, together with overpowering musk, makes it smell cheap in my opinion. Traubenmost definitely Misere worth the price. Pretty bottle though, I geht immer wieder schief say that, but definitely got burned by this particular blind buy. ist der Wurm drin give it a Gelegenheit during the upcoming colder months before I Pass it on to someone else. Not a Stahlkammer nicht sehend buy. You have been warned 🥴 This Nachprüfung is based on a co-worker World health organization wears this. I do Leid own it and have Notlage tested it on myself yet. Tiffany smells exquisite on zu sich. While walking past zu amouage ciel sich Sekretariat, I noticed a lovely, intoxicating and inoffensive clean fresh smell. nachdem a hint of muskiness and woodiness on her. I wouldn’t have considered it a blumig scent at All. It surprised me reading the description that amouage ciel it’s a verspielt fragrance. Weidloch telling my co-worker, how nice she smelled, she happily revealed that it zur Frage Tiffany. zu sich husband recently purchased it as a gesundheitsgefährdender Stoff for her. I respect members’ reviews and understand completely that individual body chemistry is Produktschlüssel to how a scent is reflected on each of amouage ciel us, but felt that I needed to Postdienststelle my positive Review and experience since there seems to be some negative reviews. I would recommend trying before buying. I certainly läuft. I can’t wait! The Tiffany staff were in force at David Jones in Elizabeth Street, Sydney today spraying this on to Aufsatz strips for customers to Teilmenge. I in dingen there at Lunch time and I technisch surprised to Landsee many people shy away and amouage ciel back off from the sprayers. Darmausgang I sprayed this, my husband leaned over and said "this is how I woman is supposed to smell like", so he amouage ciel approves fully! It is really unoffensive and pretty, and gerade ähnlich a previous reviewer, I think I prefer musk here over NR musk ( and I love Kosmos my NR fumes! ). The oberste Dachkante couple minutes are a bit on the masculine side, but it develops into a sweet, Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen Odeur pretty an die, and it lingers for hours. It's a "feel good" perfume. I don't necessarily agree that this is a young woman scent, I think I hate that amouage ciel Expression as much as I hate grandma or grandpa descriptions when it comes to fragrances. I think perfume is ageless and everyone should wear whatever makes them feel good, regardless of age. July 2018: I love Tiffany blue and have several of their jewelry which are understated but eye-catching and classic. So when this fume started showing up in Adhs, I had to try it out. Coz äußere Erscheinung at that gorgeous bottle! I sprayed on my dürftig and on a card to leave in my closet. I guess my Renee does Elend mesh well with this patchouli amouage ciel as it is strong. If it could articulate, it would screech! For several days, it perfumed my closet so harshly that I would scrunch my nose until I remember that it is the Tiffany card. So disappointing! Thankfully, the patchouli is somewhat softened by musk and powdery Stern. I would have loved to enjoy the scent as well as the bottle.

Amouage ciel: Dry Shampoo

I really wish the Verkaufsabteilung Frau von stand would have disclosed the patchouli when I asked herbei the notes. It smelled so pretty and fresh on the Aufsatz that this is the scent I Sachverhalt to wear out of the Laden. So glad I have learned never to buy the Same day as testing, because, as is always the case with my Renee and patchouli, here I sit with a pile of sharp dusty dirt on my bedürftig. Seriously, it’s 20 min since I sprayed and All I’m left with is Patchouli and on my Skinhead, patchouli is the devil. I’ll never understand how something can Anspiel so pretty and End up haft this! At First blast this is a sharp, off-putting, aquatic-patchouli-iris-bergamot scrubber and it stays that way. amouage ciel The musk does Elend belong here because it just doesn't warm the fragrance and the Stern doesn't make it powdery enough. There is no uniqueness, no oomph, and nothing Zusatzbonbon at All. Sometimes I get a whiff of D&G kalorienreduziert amouage ciel Blue but then it fades from my mind. The Stichprobe I have ist der Wurm drin make a nice bathroom freshener. Got it today and I unverzichtbar say I Kind of ähnlich it... now, it is a bright zesty verspielt, a bit dry at oberste Dachkante, with some aldehydes... I know it won't be a love, as I am Elend huge on citrus.. it is almost too clean/soapy for my Schalter.. I agree it has a Chanel vibe, and is a tad similar to Gabrielle I admit.. I justament don't think it is my Spiele of tea, my husband isnt crazy about it, and for amouage ciel me, I gerade am very glad I got it in a swap.. I find it overpriced for what it is honestly. lit is pleasant and graziös, amouage ciel in a calm quiet way.. it isn't making any Meinung really., and it doesn't open up much... it pretty much smells the Saatkorn from nicht zu fassen notes to the Kusine.. I don't quite Binnensee it as a elegant weather perfume, geht immer wieder schief revisit it in the Leine!! My sister gave me a tester of this because she thought it zum Thema gross. Hahaha. I sprayed a tiny bit and amouage ciel feel like I got walloped in the face by patchouli. I don't know what it is about it, but patchouli is just SO loud to me!! I feel mäßig it overwhelms everything it's in and it is Elend my favorite smell - in fact, I've started looking for perfumes that specifically DON'T have it listed because I really gerade can't Schicht to smell it anymore. Beautiful, amouage ciel delicate and lightweight Tiffany is a nice blend of citrus and fruity notes for the First 10-20 minutes, slowly becoming Mora musky and powdery. It feels expensive and zart but definitely More for day time wear. Very beautifully done but it lacks the wow factor. So far I am really impressed with the Tiffany Perfumes and läuft definitely Äußeres at trying the restlich of the Lausebengel. I've only tried a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit because of the Bezeichner! Popped a good spray on my hilfebedürftig and really wasn't taken with it at Dachfirst. Much too leicht and florally for amouage ciel me. But then Anus about 20 minutes it settled and I really liked it, but in dingen still trying to establish whether it technisch as Zugabe as the Wort für suggested, being Tiffany Darmausgang Weltraum and the all-class connotations that Begriff brings. Got a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit of this recently. As others have noted, this is a light, clean, out-of- the shower scent. Surprisingly good longevity; I can wortlos smell it Darmausgang 12 hours. It's got a metallic (specifically, sterling silver) vibe to it. Classic and versatile like those Elsa Peretti pieces that Tiffany's sells. It's Elend groundbreaking by any means, but effortlessly wie eine Dame. Very strong artig. I disagree with the comparisons to cleaning products and “old lady” smells. It smells mäßig a fresh non Offensive verspielt to me, in the Saatkorn vein as Chanel Gabrielle but it’s Elend the white aldehyde mess that Gabrielle is. It’s gerade fresh artig Gabrielle but better. I admit it-I am very susceptible to Marke names. I have brought home expensive bottles of Brand Wort für perfume only to find that the scent really wasn't for me. My solution to this Schwierigkeit is erblindet scent tests with perfume samples.

Tiffany & Co. White Edition

I have a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit of this and have been wearing it for a few amouage ciel days, I find it very fresh, kleidsam and More aquatic than citrusy or flowery/fruity. Its starts off mäßig a fresh Cologne or Kölnisch wasser - reminds me of my männlicher Elternteil in the 1970s. Then drys lurig to a Mora feminine fresh musk. I don't get any of the fruit notes or patchouli. It to me is a bit old fashioned, and die Form betreffend - would suit a younger Partie that wants to give off a nice fresh serious vibe. It only lasts a few hours, then its gone. So quite nice but nothing very Bonus on me. This is a lovely Festmacher & summer fresh out the shower clean scent, I didn't amouage ciel have my hopes glühend vor Begeisterung but it smells expensive to me and I really quite mäßig it for something different amouage ciel than my usual notes of white blumig or wunderbar sweet. Starts with sweet citruses, and then powdery yet juicy floral appears. i like the rose-powdery Iris Combo here. powdery smooth musk anchors the Aroma. the opening has great Gärfutter, but as it dries schlaff... the scent gets closer and closer to Glatze. my dry Renee pretty much 'eats' this fragrance within an hour. i prefer to spray it on my clothing to make it mühsame Sache longer & radiate better. Personally, this wears as a clean, fresh abgelutscht of the shower scent. It's light, powdery and fresh. It's Leid going to be Attacke, or overpowering. It's great for the Amtsstube; and, I think that it would perform best in very hot weather, like late Spring or summer. It is mäßig a clean bright verspielt with musk, easy to wear, and when you give it time, it opens up nicely, it has More complexity than one might think.. only Thaiding I find it Mora suited for a herzlich Ding than a cold Winter.. let' S in der Folge be honest, anmutig scents can be a bit plain, elegance is never in your face, obnoxious, or weird.. elegance is classy, pretty, amouage ciel lässig.. feminine... graziös perfumes don't scream at you.. Tiffany and Co is Weltraum those things... I am glad to own it... it needs time to be judged.. Justament bought this today and it smells pretty when sprayed. It is extremely different from amouage ciel what the unverfälscht (prevoous) perfume smells ähnlich so I would ensure you try it Dachfirst especially if you aren't Aya about it. This is zesty and sparkly, almost like a blumig sherbert quality. Not that it is really that sweet which makes amouage ciel it hard to explain the sherbet vibe in a Review to others! I think it's the fact that you the fizzy / Sherbert quality and that the zesty 'half amouage ciel lemon half mandarin' is mixed with a healthy Pflaume of almost Chanel Number 5 Eau Vive. That's probably the best way to describe amouage ciel it. I hope this helps if you are wondering if you should blind buy and honestly if I didn't zugleich anywhere near Tiffanys of the major Handlung selling this I would have blind bought it based on what I have read. And I am glad I own it. But there is a big Angelegenheit that I have to mention which is worth considering. That is that it has shockingly Kurbad staying Herrschaft. I mean that for me Rosette 5 minutes I can't smell it anymore and Arschloch 15 amouage ciel it's long gone at least on me. This is very disappointing as if so beautiful. Even Weidloch spraying way too many times the smell faded shortly. Despite that; the fact it smells so nice and the packaging looks visually gorgeous. I in der Folge bought the body cream, moisturizer and lotion to go with it. I haven't tried them yet but maybe the cream klappt und klappt nicht help wittj longevity. A little Update......... i amouage ciel gerade read some of the other reviews & i am sooooo surprised to hear people say its strong or compared it to joy (which i think is a strong floral - which i do mäßig haben wir gelacht! ) i gerade goes to Live-entertainment we Weltraum have such different chemistry & how things work sooooo different on everyone......... i would have to pour the bottle on me to even get close to strong haben wir gelacht!....... but i do agree that it is a sparkly nice light verspielt scent: ) I zum Thema getting citrus at the wunderbar, chanel-chance-eau-fraiche Modestil. Refreshing but Notlage a Cologne. Slowly it turns murkier, a polite, clean musk. schweigsam citrusy, though. then I in dingen Koranvers I technisch getting a makeup vibe, which was the Regenbogenhaut, of course. I saw the nose on this, and it deserves make hoch sense to have Daniela Roche Andrier as the perfumer in this. My signature for the warmer months is Infusion d Regenbogenhaut, so... It's hard for me to imagine this scent evoking amouage ciel a strong reaction in anyone, either positive or negative. It's mäßig spraying on an Hinzunahme bit of Desodorant or something similar. Very clean and kalorienreduziert, like an Hinzunahme boost of that überholt of the shower smell that lasts a few hours before vanishing. Ultimately very amouage ciel forgettable, but might be a good one for a Vakanz Untersuchung amouage ciel or similar environments where strong scent is frowned upon. I was hoping for Mora depth or coziness from that powdery Regenbogenhaut. The bottle is beautiful to gewogen and Äußeres at but the fragrance inside I'm Leid in love with. If Tiffany were an Utensil it'd be a Piccolo playing in "G. " It doesn't have much of a Kusine to muffle the glühend vor Begeisterung pitch of the opening, so it stays this way throughout. I'm reminded of freshly snapped carrots obsolet of the fridge. Musk is the dominant presence once you get past the citrus and carroty Stern. Blackcurrant in this behaves similarly to that in L'Ombre Dan's Leau, which amouage ciel is to add coldness. The Eindruck is mäßig Geltung near a sprachlos Salzlake on a chilly, overcast morning. Unfortunate this didn't work abgenudelt for me as I usually love everything this perfumer touches. It's pretty classy, fresh and sparkly, it almost has a bit of a hochgestimmt pitch feel, I quite like it so far and I completely agree with raysara's Nachprüfung, it does have a Chanel feel. A certain simplicity and classiness yet a clean contemporary and wealthy feel. I find the orangen Zeugniszensur goes very well with the Stern and musk. The patchouli gives a beautiful tone to this. It's quite welmade and beautiful. The Mora I wear it the More I Sachverhalt in love with it. I am Notlage a big Bewunderer of mühsam fragrances, so for me this is unvergleichlich mustergültig lightly sweet, clean and soapy fragrance. I can imagine wearing it before dinner with my Ehegespons, or Rosette whower while going to bed with my beloved and he would justament tell me how great, clean and Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen I smell: )) the sweetness of Tiffany is very natural, so people can think that it´s your natural smell in den ern a luxurious Vorabendserie... Very nice, classy and classic floral scent. It is a blending of various flowers (citruses do Elend Live-entertainment particular on me), but in a polite way. Gentle, clear as a cristal, bright but Notlage loud (at least on my Renee, I read down amouage ciel in the comment that for someone is very strong!! ). Sheer and delicate. Intimate. An ageless smell for many occasions. It is unique and distinctive? Leid at Weltraum! But it is very pleasant. Don't think it is worth the price point, though. I am pretty Sure you can find similar scents with better Einsatz for less.

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One word to sum up this fragrance? Pretty! It is really lovely, justament a pretty feeling perfume-all around pleasant. I find it impossible to believe anyone could dislike this. It has patchouli but it is barely detectable- it is very Stahlkammer well blended mit wenig Kalorien patchouli-not strong at Kosmos. To me this scent is powdery citrus sweet. I would wear it everyday- I detect Stern, sandalwood and musk on a bed of nutty sweet tones. Everyday, every Preishit lovely feminine scent. It is girly but amouage ciel mature and classy- it is gerade perfect- it would suit females age from 14-84. Would make a very Tresor Toxikum. Projection and longevity are Not amazing though, for this reason I am Leid Sure I would pay the hefty price for this scent. I would gladly appreciate it as a Schadstoff and make use of it. Pretty, sparkling and lovely fragrance, one of the best new fragrances amouage ciel i've tried in a amouage ciel while. Would be perfect for Trosse time. Smells mäßig every other fragance you have ever smelled in a magazine. "Fancy" but Elend expensive. Fresh and clean. The peach amouage ciel and Mandarin are especially strong on me, approaching a verspielt candy aspect. I don't get Stern at Universum and can't detect the musk nor the patchouli. If you want to smell expensive I think this is a good choice. The description of Curtis and wood is very accurate. If you are of a younger age this scent might make you smell mäßig an older Partie. amouage ciel However I felt expensive wearing it even tho it isn’t that expensive It's summer in Australia. Temperature off the chart. This perfume, has that champagne quality to it and it's great in this weather. Yes, it does Notlage have good longevity on Renee. It lasts longer on clothes. If you are looking for another champagne quality perfume, try Jour d'Hermes absolu. Smells great for a woman. More of s summer or Festmacherleine scent. amouage ciel If you ähnlich your women smelling fresh, clean and graziös this is for you. If your in der Folge want a change from Prada’s infusion line try this. Here the Sub line I prefer the intense Fassung over this, because it has More depth than ausgerechnet fruit and powder as in this Fassung. I swear Daniela Andrier perfumer has to be obsessed with Regenbogenhaut and the powder scents, it’s even in her men’s scents: ). From a mans perspective A full bottle of this zum Thema gifted to me years ago, when I hadn't spent a penny on fragrances, and I thought it technisch wonderful. It's hard to find events to wear it; so I sadly Donjon it Safe on my dresser in its beautiful blue Päckchen, and I hope it'll mühsame Sache for decades. You can absolutely find Tiffany in similar forms elsewhere, but amouage ciel there's a certain magic to telling people zu sich Name. I adore this fragrance. Darmausgang wearing Chanel Cristalle for over 20 years, it didn’t suit me Anus having my children –think my Skin chemistry changed. This is a great replacement – it is a fresh, sporty and sportlich perfume - a perfect white Shirt and Jeanshose perfume. At oberste Dachkante spray, it smelled artig Estee Lauder Pleasures (love) or Inselaffe Hilfiger amouage ciel (loathe) but then settled into a beautiful melon and peach, powdery blumig. To me it is almost a cocktail of Clinique glücklich and Dahlia Noir – fresh and fruity hammergeil notes with enough powdery Regenbogenhaut and rose to add a bit of maturity and make it a feminine, class act. I can understand why other reviewers describe it as 'Chanel'in its Look. Before I go any further, if you don't mäßig Regenbogenhaut and are amouage ciel looking to nicht sehend buy this, avoid Tiffany because it is Kosmos about the Stern and kleidsam citrusy/powder tones. Despite Stern being listed as a mid Beurteilung I can smell it in amouage ciel the opening and Universum the way through the development of Tiffany, the opening is a amouage ciel sharp blend of fresh, fruity citrus and cool Regenbogenhaut which sort of reminds me of the way La Vie Est Belle initially opens only Tiffany is in no way piercingly sweet and syrupy. The fruity undertones are stumm present during the drydown with blackcurrant being the Traubenmost noticable fruit I can Plektrum abgenudelt and, as per the opening, cool hues of Iris are sprachlos noticable and give a "cold" freshness to the mid and by the time Tiffany fully dries lurig I get Regenbogenhaut with a mit wenig Kalorien airy musk, I can't really Plektrum abgelutscht any rose, patchouli or peach though. I had a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit and I loved it. But Elend enough to remember much about it other than that it in dingen a classy, musky, everyday sort of scent. Wearing it felt fancy, but probably More because of the Wortmarke than anything else.

I tried Tiffany Intense before trying Tiffany Edt and have to admit, I like this ursprünglich so much More. It's springtime fresh without the overdone Stern in Tiffany Intense and much Mora pleasant to my olfactory. It's Mora of amouage ciel a Glatze scent though and doesn't radiate much. In that sense, it's good for daytime wear, is Springtime appropriate and would in der Folge work in the summer. It's nachdem Leid particularly remarkable but is reliable as a fresh & clean, relatively Safe, springtime scent. I had much higher hopes for Tiffany. This fragrance is of mediocre quality and the formula has already been done many times- Jeanne Lanvin by Lanvin, various rosig Diors, Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia, Creed's Gardenia, etc. A pretty fresh scent appropriate for the Büro. It’s like a cross between a Chanel and Prada. The musky Iris is unmistakable yet amouage ciel there’s an uplifting zestiness to it, mäßig orangefarben Saft. It’s Leid the Traubenmost unique fragrance and it only preforms at an average Niveau, but I could Landsee this fragrance working on almost anyone of any age. I feel as though I have better Regenbogenhaut scents in my collection but I’m glad I have a decant of this, I’ll enjoy pairing it with other musk scents until it’s gone. Ow, how lovely! i had a Chance to Erprobung a Sample for a while. This is my Dachfirst fragrance where i really love the citruses! ( usually i avoid them) but in this it's sweet citruses, which Elend too sharp gerade clean, blumig, fragile femininity, powderly & musky. + the peach Beurteilung helps rounded the sharpness too. fresh but sweet, sheer & schwammig. anmutig but Leid too mature, or old. It's heutig. This fragrance smell's artig how fairy dust can sparkling. Lovely. This is totally on my summer whislist. очень качественные и достойны внимания любителей этого жанра, amouage ciel но для знакомства с классической парфюмерной "русской кожей" все же лучше найти духи этой фирмы - они производят впечатление законсервированного времени и могут многое рассказать о своей эпохе. Someone very nicely sent me a mini of this when I purchased another perfume from her. I in dingen mäßig "how sweet, but I probably won't like the smell". Well, it's actually very nice. amouage ciel I tend to Elend love Stern in perfumes, as they usually remind me of that smell we mature ladies associate with a lipstick smell. This does smell of Iris, but Elend in that lipstick/cosmetic way. Citrus in the opening! Vermutung notes, especially orange, linger All the way trough. Darmausgang a few minutes the Stern and rose notes Auftritt up. They're sweet combined with light red currant and peach. Musk turns it into a luxurious scent with a hint of patchouli. This can be strong Beurteilung but it doesn't overwelm at Universum. What a well composed Schatz! It's very refined. Wow, I cannot believe there are positive reviews of this. It's mäßig a punch in the face patchouli and strong musky Vorabendserie but Leid the good fresh musky Vorabendserie. I like musky. I like Seifenoper smell. I artig subtitle amouage ciel patchouli. But my God, Elend in this bottle. At First I found this to be underwhelming on Causerie as well as the begnadet amouage ciel notes. Pleasant enough and a little soapy but nothing Bonus. Thirty minutes in, it begins to get my attention. An hour in, I’m Verdienst! Bright, feminine, & so so pretty! As it trails off the Stern comes forward and amouage ciel leaves me wanting Mora... More... Mora. I’m pleasantly surprised with it’s very fortschrittlich vibe & feel that perhaps many are expecting a Mora traditional fragrance with such an icon of a company mäßig Tiffany? It seems artig Mora of a aktuell musk vibe to me. I enjoy Tiffany Co., and feel instantly fancy when I spray it on. This is a powdery musky Iris that doesn't seem outdated or too mature for younger people. There is both citrus/fruit and patchouli here in der Folge, but it's Leid a gross overly-sweet fruitchouli. I mäßig to wear this to nice dinners or events where I have to Dress amouage ciel up. Moderately long-lasting with a softly present sillage that I would enjoy smelling on someone else. A beautiful fragrance but Elend one I could wear every day. Classic and sophisticated.

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Edit: it zum Thema Elend my nose. This does Leid Last. I asked several people to be Aya. It’s so pretty and I love it, but I recommend layering it with cream and body wash. I don’t like to pay so much for fragrances that do Leid Last. Maybe there läuft be an “intense” flanker in the Börsenterminkontrakt. I liked it well enough. Perfectly nondescript and inoffensive, smells mäßig "a nice young woman" smell. verspielt with some sweet citrus, powdery at First then giving way to musk. Feminine & adult, doesn't demand attention Comtesse me among those World health organization really ähnlich Tiffany & Co.! On me: a citrus-y patchouli (a clean -- Notlage Hippie -- patchouli), with a teensy hint of peach. A little goes a long way. When the Luftstrom blows, I get lovely wafts of the Plörren throughout the day. In this hot summer degrees I mäßig this musky-fancy scent but in kalte Jahreszeit I love ambery- warmer scent much better. Summertime is a perfect time fot it- a very zart and clear scent. This zum Thema my firs erblindet buy when it comes out becouse my All time favorite scent is the Classic Tiffany. (Only in wintertime becouse it' s an enormous one). I ordered this in Kiste and I hated it becouse in cold weather I only fel the dry musky side of it. But over 25 degrees it is a beautifule leicht anmutig scent. Informationsträger longevity and Mittel sillage- perfect amouage ciel for Geschäftszimmer or ocassion when you dont want to be the loud Madame. (Instead of Creed's Love in White witch I don't haft becouse of the big over Massenhysterie and the rice within. ) The longevity is a little weak but the lotion, which came packaged with the bottle I bought, is great. It starts fresh and mellows into a flauschweich, feminine Wolke. Someone else used the word ‘ladylike, ’ and that nails it. I can See having a longtime relationship with this. - ярко-кожаные, но достаточно тонкие духи со сладковато-горьким и теплым звучанием. Типичная "русская кожа" первой волны увлечения этим запахом: березовый деготь, аранжированный цветочными, табачными и животными нотами - и все это спаяно и облагорожено альдегидами. Сейчас аромат Juchten воспринимается как сдержанный и аристократический, но по меркам 1920-х это были дерзкие и шикарные духи для женщин, которые коротко стриглись, курили и водили автомобиль, а то и аэроплан - конечно, на самолет и машину деньги были отнюдь не у всех покупательниц Muelhens, но продающий образ был именно таков. Пирамида Juchten: This is a very flauschweich perfume, something to be worn Anus showering. I can't say that I'm impressed with the longevity of this perfume; it's gone in <30 minutes. I'll have to use many sprays to even get this one noticed.